What Else Can I Do With My Cookie Cutters?

What Else Can I Do With My Cookie Cutters?

Quite often you use a cookie cutter for one certain project and then never again, and it’s just sitting and collecting dust ever since then. That doesn’t have to be the case though, as cookie cutter can actually be the most versatile cake decorating tool you’ll ever use.

Some of the good examples on how to use the cookie cutters are following below.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Ever wondered how to cut fun and detailed shapes to your Halloween pumpkin? Well cookie cutters are definitely one of the ways of doing it. We would definitely recommend using metal cookie cutters for this job, as plastic cookie cutters might not be strong enough, and break during the carving.

The job itself is pretty simple and you only need 2 tools to make it happen – metal cookie cutter and rubber mallet. All you need to do is grab your favourite Halloween cookie cutter, place it on the pumpkin, and tap it with the mallet, until you cut out the shape.

Shape the Pancakes

Sundays are pancake mornings! And you really don’t need to glamourize the pancakes, as they are just amazing to eat as they are. But if you do feel like doing something bit fancier, then cookie cutters are here to help. Grab a cookie cutter to your liking, making sure it’s made out of metal and not plastic, and place it on the pan. Pour some pancake batter inside the cookie cutter, and cook it til, the top surface is nearly set. Carefully remove the cookie cutter and flip your pancake to cook it all the way through. Do not, try to grab the cookie cutter with your bare fingers, it’ll be very hot, and you’ll get some nasty burns!

Shape the Cake

Small, one bite cakes, will add fun twist to your next party. Little heart or star shaped brownies or cakes, will surprise all of your guests. And if you want to make them look super fancy, dip them in some melted chocolate and add some colourful sprinkles.